Barry M Sunset Nail Varnish Thoughts❤️


I’m a student currently studying Business Management and I am looking to go into Marketing and I am therefore starting a blog to get some experience and hopefully meet lots of new people!

My first blog post is called ‘Barry M Sunset Nail Varnish Thoughts’. Barry M is a brand I have loved for years especially for its nail varnish. I can hand on heart say that Barry M nail varnish is all that I use on my nails and is as close to professional as drugstore will get. The whole collection of nail varnish the brand have released is amazing however my personal favourite and the product I will be reviewing for all you lovely people today is their Sunset Nail Varnish.

The Sunset collection is my absolute favourite and its all I have used on my nails for the past 3 years and I will highlight my main review points below for you lovely people!

  • Affordable! Each of the nail varnishes cost £4.99 in Boots and Superdrug and if your lucky enough to have student discount like myself its even cheaper in Superdrug! It is great value for money in my opinion.

  • Lovely colours! The range offers some gorgeous colours, my favourite being the bright red colours that I wear far too much! The only criticism is that although the colours they offer are gorgeous and extremely well pigmented, I would personally love to see more colours in the range because I love it so much!
  • Lasts up to a whole week without chipping! This is no joke ladies and gentleman, applying two coats of colour and one coat of the top coat has honestly lasted me up to a week and sometimes over a week without any signs of chipping! I can’t explain to you how impressed I am as I cannot stand my nails chipping. Barry M offers a high standard drug store product that has that same staying power as a professional nail brand.
  • Gel nail effect! If I had a pound for every time someone asks me ‘Where do you get your nails done?’ I would be very near a grand, the nail varnish gives the most stunning gel nail, shiny effect it makes it look like you’ve been and had your nails professionally done!

As you can tell I can’t rave about Barry M Sunset Nail Paint enough and I have no idea why its not talked about more! From my experience this is a great product, well worth the money and I am highly impressed. As far as drug store nail varnishes go, I would rate this a 4.8/5 based on the fact I want even more colours as I’m addicted and have used all of the others! I hope this review was helpful and encourages you to make a purchase. Its all my own thoughts and I hope it helps you to change your nail game in the future because it certainly did mine!

Rachel x


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