The Body Shop ‘Tea Tree Range’ Review!

I love the body shop! It’s one of my favourite shops on the high street! When anyone asks me what I want for Christmas or for my birthday, I always say ‘Just get me body shop stuff’. They never fail! I am always impressed by their collections but I’ve got to admit my favourite is their Tea Tree Collection. Although the smell of tea tree is not to everyone’s tastes, I quite like it and it works miracles for my skin. I have noted my three favourite products from the range below!

Tea Tree Skin Clearing Foaming Cleanser!

I’ve always suffered with spots and unfortunately, like many of us, I was not blessed with perfect skin. However, the product that really turned my skin around was the’ Tea Tree Skin Clearing Foaming Cleanser’ priced at £6! I am obsessed with this product and have been using it for about two years on my skin. It leaves skin feeling refreshed and prevents spots. When I forget to use this cleanser for a few days my skin begins to get spotty again so it really does keep my skin clear and fresh.


Tea Tree Skin Clearing Face Mask!

Another one of the products I’d like to highlight from the range are the Tea Tree Skin Clearing Face Mask. It is priced at £11.00 but is well worth the money! It again leaves my skin feeling extremely refreshed and clear. I use this product whenever I am having a breakout and it always helps dramatically. I really like this face mask as you can feel it working on your skin and it really feels like its getting into the pores. The only criticism I would give is that it can bring out spots if left on too long but this applies to all face masks so keep an eye on the time!


Tea Tree Oil!

My final pick from the range is Tea Tree Oil, priced at £12.00 for 20ml. It is useful to pop on spots and blemishes directly. It is concentrated and is therefore very effective when you have specific spots you want to get rid of! I have great results putting it on blemishes overnight! This product is a must have for me. I did used to have a bottle of tea tree from Boots but personally, this one is much better. This is again a great product and an excellent addition to the range.


Once again, I am very impressed with this range! I would rate the Body Shop Tea Tree Range, 4.5 out of 5! My skin type is dry/normal and it works amazing on me but based on the effectiveness of the product, all skin types would benefit from this range! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my views and don’t forget the body shop also offer student discount and always have great online deals! Until next time,

Rach x

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