Thoughts on Victoria Secret Fragrance Mists, My Favourites!


With Christmas fast approaching everyone wants to find the perfect gift for their friends and family so reviews are vital this time if year! I love hearing peoples thoughts on products before I go and splash out myself. Its an efficient way of ensuring the product is right for you and avoiding disappointment. My review today is on ‘Victoria Secret Sprays’. I have been using these sprays for a number of years and feel like I can give an accurate review on these products!

Variety! 5/5! First of all, Victoria Secret have a massive range of scents to suit everyone’s individual preferences. Some are floral, others are a more fresh scent. My personal favourite and the scent that I would personally recommend to you all is ‘Pure Seduction’. It smells divine, this has been my go to scent for almost two years now and I am always receiving complements when I spray it.  Another personal favourite of mine is ‘Love Addict’. It comes in a pink coloured bottle. I cannot criticise any of the scents personally. Some that are not to my personal taste, my friends love so it all depends on the person. Victoria Secret has something for everyone.

Staying Power! 3/5! This is the factor I am not overly impressed with. The scent does linger on clothes for a long time however it is not a strong scent. However, this is the same with any fragrance mist. I would describe the product as a quick spray to make you feel refreshed rather than a long lasting perfume.

Price Tag! 4/5! Victoria Secret is a well known designer brand so the price does reflect this. Prices do vary based on what scent you choose and what collection the scent is from. For example, the Bombshell collection is more expensive due to its popularity. The traditional sprays sell for around £11 per bottle in Victoria Secret Stores but the products are usually slightly cheaper on their website and in other retailers. The traditional scents are on offer on the website at the moment. Delivery charges do apply. I am happy to pay this price purely for the beautiful scent and the product lasts a long time therefore I think the price tag is reasonable.

Packaging! 5/5! Finally, I am obsessed with the way Victoria Secret present their products. I think the business get branding absolutely perfect. The bottle is beautiful with a gold lid and they come in different colours depending on the scent you opt for. The bottles are very generous and do last a very long time. I have had mine for near a year now and I am only just coming to the end of the bottle.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this review and it helps you to decide on whether ‘Victoria Secret Fragrance Mists’ are the right purchase for you. Overall, I would rate this product 4.5/5!

Go and treat yourself!

Rach x

7 thoughts on “Thoughts on Victoria Secret Fragrance Mists, My Favourites!

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