How to get yourself the perfect selfie with Cotton Bag Co! Selfie Bag Review!

I will hold my hands up and say I am not the most photogenic person in the world so when I seen Cotton Bag Co. was looking for bloggers to review their new ‘Selfie Bag’ I was intrigued to say the least. Cotton Bag Co. is a company specialising in eco friendly reusable bags. 

Cotton Bag Co.

When researching Cotton Bag Co., I found their ethical policy very motivating as all their bags are environment focused and the company want to reduce any negative impacts of our trade producing cotton bags. An average family will use between 800-1200 plastic bags per year costing between £40 and £60 (Grocery Box Limited 2014) This is not only extremely harmful to the environment but also very expensive therefore canvas bags are increasing in popularity and I think this is a brand will good morals.

What is ‘The Selfie Bag’?

The business released ‘The Selfie Bag’ for National Selfie Day last year. The bag comes in two varied designs: a black canvas with gold patterns and a natural canvas with very colourful patterns. Today I will be reviewing the colourful patterned canvas.


First Impressions

I was pleasantly surprised by the pattern on the selfie bag. The vibrant colours complement each other well and the bag overall gives off a summery feel. The bag is a very good size and the material feels high quality. I think ‘The Selfie Bag’ would be ideal to take on holiday as a beach bag. It contains zipped compartments to keep valuables such as your phone and money safe and would fit lots of beach essentials inside.

The selfie aspect to the bag is very unique which is a major selling point for the canvas bag. The bag comes with a selfie kit to help you take a perfect selfie as shown below and also contains a fold out reflector sheet to enhance the lighting when taking a selfie. I have had a try and I do think the reflector sheet is a good idea and does benefit the lighting.


The Verdict

Overall, I am impressed with the canvas bag by Cotton Bag Co. It sells for £9.99 which I think it is definitely worth the money. The bag will also encourage me to stop spending money on plastic supermarket bags and hopefully make me more environmentally friendly. I will be taking ‘The Selfie Bag’ on my holiday to Tenerife next week and can’t wait to test it out on the beach.


*Although Cotton Bag Co have kindly gifted me ‘The Selfie Bag’ the review is my honest opinion on the product.

Until next time,

Rachel x

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