Why not to stress if your A-levels don’t work out.

Not everyone is naturally clever. I envy those gifted with intelligence but the large majority of us just power through school and try our best. For me when it comes to exams, trying my best is not good enough. I could revise for months on end and still go into an exam and forget everything. Me and exams are not friends unfortunately.  The A Levels I chose were exam based which was a massive regret. Therefore, I found my A levels extremely difficult.

Sixth Forms and collages put a lot of pressure on young people to go to university. University was always an option for me but if its not for you, never let school or your family make the decision for you. Cutting a long story short, results day came around and I did not get into the university I wanted too.  I had my heart very much set on the University of Liverpool but I did not get the grades. Results day was not a day of celebration and hugs for me. It was a day of crying, feeling disappointed and feeling confused. I felt very lost and didn’t know what to do with my life. I started to ask myself do I call up a different university? Do I just not go to university and become a stripper? Do I just stay at home and cry? My brain was scrambled eggs.

I got CCD in my A levels and I honestly tried my best. In the end I decided to ring up clearing without much hope of finding anything. I rang up a different university and spoke to a lovely lecturer on the phone. We discussed my grades and he had an interview with me on the phone. The next day he rang me up offered me a place at the university on the course I wanted and said they would be delighted to have me. I was beyond happy but still very nervous as it wasn’t any of my original choices.

Results day is built up by the media to be the be all and end all and in my opinion it is not the case! The moral of the story is no matter how hard you try sometimes things still don’t go your way but its not the end of the world. I can’t do an exam to save my life but I am still on track to get a 2:1 degree, I have amazing university friends and I am very happy where I am.  Your A Level results do not define you. Results day might not go your way but before you run off to join the circus or buy a one way ticket to a different country just remember when one door closes two doors open.

Rachel x

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