Review! The Happiness Planner First Impressions!


Today I will be reviewing ‘The Happiness Planner’ I have seen this brand a number of times around the internet and have always been interested in the brands morals of promoting positivity and self improvement. The brand aims to ‘master happiness and success- one day at a time’. Promoting happiness is a unique selling point to the product and the brand is different to any other stationary brand I have came across. The Happiness Planner is a premium brand therefore their planners are priced at £40.00. Looking at the website in the past, the planners looked beautiful. Although I was tempted, I have never invested personally due to the higher end price tag.

Fortunately, I recently entered a competition over on the company’s Twitter to win a planner and to my surprise I was one of the winners. I received my planner a couple of days ago and I am excited to share my first impressions!


‘The Happiness Planner’ is made to a very high standard and has a hardback cover to protect the pages from damage. The quality matches the premium price tag and I do believe that it is worth the money. The planner is delivered in a box and is also protected inside. I could not comment on how well the planner maintains its condition in the future but on first impressions, I have never seen a planner as good quality. 5/5.

Style and Appearance

The design of the planner is beautiful. It is simple but very modern. The font is easy to understand and the style stays in line with the brand. The colours all match together perfectly and whoever designed this planner is very talented. Overall, the product can’t be faulted on appearance. 5/5.


The price is the only slight criticism I have on this beautiful product. The planner is sold for £40 which is very pricey for a planner in my opinion. The reason I didn’t invest in the product earlier was due to the price tag and I think it may be an element that puts many people off purchasing. In light of this after receiving the product, I would definitely purchase one next year so the product is definitely worth the money if it is in your price range. 3/5.

Practical Product

The planner has everything. It is very distinctive and gives a page for everyday to fill in goals for the day, schedule, notes, exercise, meals and many more elements. The Happiness Planner also has a section to fill in strengths and weaknesses and promotes self-improvement and happiness in every page. I am going to try to fill the planner in as much as I can and observe if the product truly does help towards a healthier and happier lifestyle. 5/5

Thank you so much ‘The Happiness Planner’ for kindly sending me one of their planners and I am excited to try it out! All of their products can be found here The Happiness Planner!

Until next time,

Rachel x

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10 thoughts on “Review! The Happiness Planner First Impressions!

  1. Wow, 40 pound for a planner! Your thoughts on this particular one are positive… but 40 pounds?? I am surprised though, by the things it has on the inside. And it’s good to have gotten a look inside through you, thank you 🙂


  2. Great review! I LOVE planners and I’m always so excited in December when I get to pick out my new one for the new year. Although I agree the price tag seems pretty steep, you give some good reasons to give this one a try! Will keep in mind when I’m shopping for a new one ☺️


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