How to Grow Long Healthy Hair Fast.

This is the post we all look for some time in our lives. One day you get very fed up with your hair, you ‘want a change’ and cut it short and love it. However, two days later your bored of it again and want your beautiful long her back. I think short hair is gorgeous and if you can pull it off I am very jealous. I had my hair cut shorter a long time ago because I wanted it healthier but decided it was not for me. I made it my personal mission to grow my hair back long but healthy.

Healthy Body Healthy Hair
The healthier you are as a person; the more hair growth will be stimulated. Make sure your drinking your recommended daily intake of water, eating lots of healthy food and doing regular exercise.

Stop Using Heat
Heat is bad for your hair and although it doesn’t delay growth, it will stop your hair looking as full and healthy. Heat causes frizz and split ends but to take heat out of your haircare routine completely would be a nightmare. I cut down on heat by either letting my hair air dry or at least half air dry to prevent damage from using a hairdryer and limit my use of straighteners. I think this is the hardest thing to do but by far the most effective way of keeping your hair strong and healthy giving the illusion of longer hair! If you can leave your hair its natural colour without dye, this will also aid hair growth and keep your hair feeling healthy.

Holy Products!
For six months I used the Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment on my hair every time I washed it. I could not confirm a direct link with this product and hair growth, but the condition of my hair dramatically improved for certain and the treatment made my hair much stronger. The smell of the product is not amazing, but it made my hair feel super soft and healthy. I would also advice using an antidandruff shampoo when washing your hair, even if you do not have dandruff these shampoos are specifically made to protect the scalp and a healthy scalp promotes healthy hair growth.

ccc.pngAnother way of keeping my hair and scalp healthy is using coconut oil. I will melt coconut oil and then massage the warm oil into my scalp and then rub it over my hair as a mask. Massaging the warm oil into your scalp can stimulate the hair follicles and promote hair growth. I usually do it at night and wash it off in the morning as this is the way I find most effective.

Hopefully my tips help you grow long princess hair!
Until Next Time,

Rachel x

11 thoughts on “How to Grow Long Healthy Hair Fast.

  1. I remember when I was a bit younger I decided to cut my hair to about shoulder length after having it past my belly button and it was such a change! I did like it back then but now I’ve grown it out again, I don’t think I would get it cut short again haha. Great tips though! I haven’t used coconut oil before, will have to give that a try!



  2. I’ve been growing my hair out from a Pixie cut. It was a horrible growing out stage, but it’s now down to the middle of my back. I’ve been looking for ways to help it keep looking healthy and not like a fried rat’s nest surrounding my head. Thank you for sharing!

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