All about LUSH! Lip Scrub Review!

One of my favourite posts to write is reviewing brands that I love to give everyone reading this a good insight on whether to purchase a product or not. As a marketing student, I am forever observing the way business choose to market themselves and for me the business I am reviewing today markets themselves very well.

Today I will be looking at the business Lush! Lush present themselves as a caring brand in the industry and have the best customer service in store I have ever experienced. Lush puts customers and good morals at the heart of the business and it shines through in the products they create. All lush products are completely handmade and natural which is always a bonus when choosing to purchase a new beauty product.


With the recent change in temperature in the UK, my lips have been very dry and a friend recommended I use the Lush Lip Scrub. I decided to purchase the bubble gum flavour however they do have other flavours if bubble gum isn’t too your taste. I have wrote a little review summarising my thoughts on the product.

Exfoliation: I have been using the product for a week now and it really has exfoliated my lips. The scrub is very grainy and therefore removes dead skin leaving lips feeling refreshed.

Moisture and Taste: The product made my lips a lot less dry and it tastes unreal. The product does also soften lips but if your looking for a highly moisturising product I would use a lip balm rather than a scrub such as Carmex.

Value for money: The price tag of £6.99 is fair in my opinion. The jar you receive is 25g therefore you get a lot of product for your money and I have seen a positive change in my lips since using this product. I love Lush and use many of their bath products on a regular basis and for me this product did not disappoint!

Until Next Time,

Rachel x

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