Deciding your future career the easy way!

The stage I am at in life, I have no idea what I want to do with my career. When I first ventured to university, it was a very last-minute decision and not the path I would advise. To cut a long story very short, I decided to enrol in a university that was not in my top two and decided to do my second choice of course, Business Management with Marketing. I have wrote a post on my decision in more detail here Despite taking a huge risk, I have been very lucky as I am enjoying my course and I love the university that I attend. I am now in third year and as many of you will know, third year gets very serious. Your future and career become very real. In one year, I will have finished my university degree and will be venturing into the world of full time work and this gives me major anxiety. Below I have summarised the main areas I have looked at when choosing my future job.

1. Do what you enjoy
A job is a job for a reason, its lots of effort but if you feel passionate, motivated and interested in what you’re doing, the day will go much quicker. There is no point in being in a job or getting a career in a topic you don’t enjoy or feel passionate about.

2. Research potential fields
If your similar to me and one day and you can’t make a decision to save your life, then you need to conduct some intense research into potential fields of work and analyse what suits you best. One day I wake up wanting to be an Entrepreneur and the next a nursery teacher and then a nurse. Last week for me picking up a pen and paper and brainstorming potential career routes really helped me to find the most achievable career options for me as a person.

3. Make your own mind up! Don’t listen to others
It’s your life. Parents and friends and teachers all want what is best for you and they are all entitled to their own opinion. However, it is your life so whatever career you chose, do it because that’s what you really want to do not because others have told you too. I also would not recommend career tests online. I’m sure there are some very accurate tests out there but for me any career test I have taken has been Any career test I have taken however has been very inaccurate and not something you should take as academic.

4. Prospects!
Finally, a good website that I have come across to give good advice on what future jobs your classifications can lead you too is Prospects. I found it very helpful in looking at the jobs and analysing what potential employers would be looking for.

I hope this helps you to come to a decision on your career. It’s a big decision but your career is never set in stone so even if your set on a job and it is not what you expect, move on and try again!

Until Next Time
Rachel x

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